Fighting Flu with Fitness

The concept is simple: in order for your immune system to work, you have to move. This isn’t a far – out concept, it is a medically recognized fact. One of the reasons health care providers try to get patients moving as soon as possible after surgery is to stimulate immune response and decrease the chance of infection. The same principle applies to preventing the flu (maybe if you go home and rest you will also buy some more medicine, causing an increase in profit. Maybe that’s why they prescribe you some rest, so you can remain ill, but that’s a whole other story). If you engage in a daily exercise routine and get the proper amount of vitamins, you have a significantly reduce chance of getting the flu.

Movement is crucial to fighting illness off. While we have a pump to get blood through the circulatory system – the heart – there is no pump for the lymphatic system, which provides a crucial line of defense against infection by carrying lymph fluid throughout the body. The only way to move the lymph fluid through the body is to move – contracting your muscles and compressing parts of the lymphatic system. This action, analogous to squeezing toothpaste out of the tube, is what moves the lymph fluid throughout the body.

On the nutritional front, it is also important to increase your intake of Vitamin C. Two important components of your body’s immune system are cholesterol and Vitamin C. (This does not mean you should go wolf down a couple of Big Macs and a glass of orange juice! Your liver makes plenty of cholesterol – just add the Vitamin C.)